How To Read More Books: Get out of a Reading Slump

How to read more books: Get out of a reading slump

If your New Year’s resolution is to read more books, this article might be the solution. I know from personal experience that getting out of a reading slump can be time-consuming and ineffective when you don’t have a formal plan. Thus, this post will walk you through a few of my unique strategies for reading more books.

How To Read More Books: Get out of a Reading Slump

1. Don’t Finish Boring Books

When it comes to getting out of a reading slump, or if you want to read more books, I highly recommend that you let go of the mindset of finishing a book.

If a book is not working for you, stop reading it.

I used to feel guilty about not finishing books when I got bored with them. I’d put them down and feel like I should pick them back up again. But sometimes it’s okay to stop reading a book if it isn’t engaging you or if something better has come along!

You will not get an Oscar for finishing a book. Goodreads will not come knocking on your door telling you: Hey, you finished this book. Here’s a check for a million dollars.

Nothing extraordinary will happen, so you should DNF it.

2. Only read Page-turners

These are the books that give you the Oh my gosh. I want to know what happened next feeling. They will keep you flipping the pages and wanting more from your read. Stick to them, and refrain from reading slow burners.

3. Kindle vs. Physical books? Get a Kindle

Some of you might disagree with me and say that Kindle’s suck.

I get you. I like physical books too.

But there’s something about owning a Kindle that keeps you reading. And this is primarily because kindles are portable and don’t take up much space, making it easy to have them on the go.

Another great thing about Kindles is that you save money.

For a paperback, you’re looking to spend between $10 to $19. But eBooks run as low as $2.

Plus, with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you gain access to a vast library of books for only $10 a month. That’s quite a steal!

4. Research the genre 

If you like romance, stick to the romance genre and find books in that category. If you want inspiration, then look to self-help books. Find the genre that fits your personality and run with it.

5. Join Facebook reading groups

This is one that I discovered about two weeks ago. And I’m sad I didn’t join them sooner.

I recommend you put yourself out there and join Facebook groups if your goal is to read more books or get out of a reading slump.

There are groups out there that cater to your favorite genre. And you will have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on some reads with others.

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